Library love

I love libraries of any type and any size. In any place. All over the globe. They are magnetical to me. But today the sensation of seeing and buying books, has changed a little. As of now, my novel AROMA is to be found in a wide range of libraries in both Belgium and the Netherlands. In libraries such as De Standaard boekhandel and FNAC to name just a few.

And yes, AROMA has been spotted in very good company.

Proud, honoured and thankful

I must admit I am so proud and honoured to be “at the table” with Paolo Cognetti, Bret Easton Ellis, Tom Lanoye, Jeroen Brouwers, Barbara Sarafian and the likes.

And most of all, I am very thankful to my publisher Borgerhoff & Lamberigts without whom this great and pleasant adventure of publishing a first novel would not have been possible !

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