About me

Hello, I’m Ann Galland. Welcome to my personal blog. 

“Too busy” is a myth

On my professional journey, I’ve consistently navigated uncertainties, embraced risks, identified opportunities, and devoted myself to hard work, unrestricted by traditional office hours. This flexibility allows me to prioritize intriguing opportunities that may arise, even if they diverge from current engagements.

I firmly believe in the philosophy of making time for the people who hold significance in my life. Rather than simply having time, I am dedicated to actively making time. This involves setting priorities, demonstrating love and care openly, and being willing to adjust my schedule for those who matter most.

Be curious and happy

Through my extensive travels worldwide, immersing myself in culture, literature, art, and design, I’ve cultivated a unique perspective. These experiences have enriched my life and contributed to my personal growth. Exploring the history, cultural heritage, language, and cuisine of numerous places has revealed a universal truth: despite surface differences, the fundamental aspirations of people worldwide are remarkably similar.

As such, traveling has instilled in me a blend of confidence and humility, fostering connections and friendships across the globe. And most importantly, I’ve learned to enjoy experiences rather than material possessions.

“Be kind and generous.
The way you treat others reflects the true state of your heart and your soul.”


My office is wherever I am

Rather than seeking the conventional security of a traditional office. I allow myself to work from anywhere, provided there is a wifi connection. I meticulously manage assignments and projects in a timely manner, while maintaining a sound balance with my broader goals. While my work takes me to various locations, you’ll most often find me in either Ghent, Belgium, or Rome, Italy.

You can contact me via www.galland.be

I look forward to staying connected!



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