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Hello, I’m Ann Galland. Welcome to my personal blog. 

“Too busy” is a myth

My professional life as an entrepreneur is about handling insecurities, taking risks, seeing opportunities and working hard whenever, wherever and for whomever I want. I do not necessarily work from 8 till 12 and from 13 till 18 or whatever is supposed to be normal office time. There’s 24 hours in a day and I try to use them in the most efficient way. This means that, occasionally, I can “decide not to be busy” when an opportunity arises that looks more interesting than whatever I was actually busy with.

As such, I am never too busy when it comes to making time for people that matter to me. My life is not about having time, but about “making time”. Freeing up time is a question of setting priorities, a question of loving and caring, and daring to show it openly to those who matter to me.

Be curious and happy

Over the years, travelling all over the world while indulging in culture, literature, art and design, has shaped my way of thinking. Travelling made me a better person. It made me confident and humble at the same time. It enabled me to meet people and make friends all over the globe. I learned to enjoy experiences rather than things. Immersing myself in the history, the cultural heritage, the language and the cuisine of so many places, has taught me that no matter how different countries may look, the essence of what people seek in life is basically the same everywhere.

“Be kind and generous.
The way you treat others reflects the true state of your heart and your soul.”


My recipe for happiness? Always be kind and generous. Always. To everyone. Because the way you treat others reflects the true state of your heart and your soul. 

My office is where I am

I do not seek the security of a traditional office environment. I can work from anywhere on the planet provided there is wifi. I make sure out assignments and projects are handled in a timely manner and in balance with all the rest I want to accomplish. Most often, however, you will find me either in Ghent, Belgium or in Rome, Italy.

If you want to find out what we can do for you professionally, contact me via Galland.be, our strategic agency. The first meeting is for free. And the coffee is on us.

And yes, it is true, in my spare time I also wrote a novel. It is called AROMA.

Always happy to stay in touch ! 



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