Remember when…

Time flies. Yesterday my parents had their 54th wedding anniversary. It was a anniversary different from all previous ones. It was their first wedding anniversary in separation.

My dad’s still doing fine and continues to live in the house where I grew up. My mom is staying in a retirement home because she is no longer the proud, courageous and hardworking woman she once used to be. Dementia is taking over and is gradually changing her into a different person that needs professional help. Although she’s still there, and although I love her, she is no longer the one I used to called mom. It all happened in a bit more than a year’s time.

The way I will remember them


This major change in life is altering my dad too. He misses my mom tremendously. He goes to visit her as often as he can, almost on a daily basis. But life is not the same anymore. He’s devastated because gradually, he has to give up his partner of over half a century. He channels his feelings of loss and pain in a way that hurts the ones that love him most, including myself. Mainly myself. But I have to be forgiving. Just because there is no other way.

Remember when

Today, while looking for some more video illustrations for an upcoming training session I have to give, I stumbled upon the “Remember When” TV commercial, that illustrates that the smaller things in live (like a picture, a song, a letter, you name it…) can unlock memories that come back as if it were the day it all happened.

I love this clip, it makes me smile. It makes me realise that we all have to remember and cherish the good times whenever we can.

This is my way of saying “Happy anniversary mom and dad” ! I will always remember what you meant to me in better times.

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