Still want to be in business by 2020?

If you still want to be in business by 2020, you need to come up with a smart online strategy.  A strategy that is different from what most companies do (showing off how great they are).
What does that mean? In the first place you have to ban company-centric thinking and make sure the content of your site is relevant to your audience. To be successful, whatever you do is “all about the customer, and not about you”.

1. Without having a goal, it’s difficult to score
2. A website never is a stand-alone given. It always is part of a larger experience
3. Maybe nobody goes to your website because it’s about you
4. Content is king
5. Consistency is queen
6. Create an interactive experience
7. Be a platform
8. Internet is the norm: users spend most of their time on other websites
9. What does not exist on Google, does not exist…
10. Every page is a Homepage
11. Start with listening
12. Contribute to the conversation
13. Visitors are always right
14. Do not fix what is not broken
15. Think big, start small, scale fast

Find out more? 
Book an online impact scan or a workshop and get a practical feeling of what to do through lots of real life examples of do’s and don’ts.

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