Tweak the plan, not the goal

We hope you are at home and doing fine in these difficult times of lockdown and quarantaine.

Today, things do not longer go according to plan. Countries are closing, cities and villages look empty. Many businesses are reaching a critical point. The good times seem far away.

We could conclude: it is beyond our own free will, too bad, we’d better give up. But we won’t.

As entrepreneurs, we know that success mainly comes from dedication, perseverance and resilience.  As long as you believe in the ultimate goal, you must never ever give up. In difficult times, the hurdles to be taken will be harder, but they remain feasible as long as you are flexible and creative.

You can always tweak the plan,
adjust the strategy,
but do not change the ultimate goal
as long as the goal feels right.

As you can imagine, we will not give up. Simply because keeping the spirits up is the only way to get smoothly through these difficult times. It is not because we cannot make concrete plans today, that we should not keep on dreaming about the future. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

It will be lovely to see you again when the worst is over.

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