The end of traditional marketing

We stopped doing marketing. We didn’t stop just now ; we stopped already a while ago. Because marketing the way we know it, is no longer relevant.

The 4Ps are no longer a big help because they tell you to promote products to people at a set price at the places you pick. And that is what people are running away from.

What do we do instead? 

“Common sense” thinking and “common sense” doing.
We focus on the triggers that can make people enthousiast about companies and their offerings. We simplify and concentrate on what makes people enthousiast in general: surprises. Relevant surprises. 

Remember when you were last surprised?
Did you discover something that you really didn’t expect, but that was relevant to you? Did it make you smile because you didn’t expect it existed. But now that you know it is there, you are desperate to get it… know that feeling?

This is the main thing you should do: relevantly surprise people with something that is so simple and relevant they are desperate to get it. 

How to make that switch? By going from brand building to brand being. Being a brand that relevantly surprises people without pushing. Being a brand that makes people smile, share and act.

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