Niksen, the art of doing nothing

Not many Dutch words make it to the list of internationally widespread terms. The most well known are probably “Afrikaans” and “Apartheid”. But now there is also a new lifestyle concept that is trending these days. It is called “Niksen”, the noble art of doing absolutely nothing !

In my native language “Niksen” literally means “to do nothing”. It does not mean being lazy or not knowing what to do. It is all about finding a way to relax that suits you best. No purpose to be reached. No goals to be set. Just dare to do nothing and be happy.

It can be practiced anywhere. Personally, I prefer Italy and the sea.

No need to further explain, because the concept is being talked about at length in internationally acclaimed publications such as The New York Times, Time and Vogue.
Find out more about “niksen” here:

Have a great summer and dare to “Niksen”.

“Niks moet, en alles mag” 🙂

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