Every page is a “homepage”

Web Analytics are great, they produce a lot of valuable data. But what you really need are actionable insights in what brings people to your site. What you need to know is what drives conversations, what motivates people to stay on your site, what makes them come back, or what tells them to leave or never come back altogether.

Far too often, companies and marketers see their homepage as their most important webpage. They see it as the virtual front door of their company. Which it is, up to a certain extent.

They should realise, however, that the majority of the people do not come through the virtual front door of their site, just because it IS virtual. It can easily be skipped. Not on purpose. It just happens.

Your site is a virtual building, which means that visitors can come either through the backdoor, a side door, and… uncountable windows. Any way. Either way. Why is that? Because web visitors find your content primarily through searching something specific via Google, which leads them to your site via the most relevant page for their specific search. Obviously, that is in the majority of the cases not your homepage but anywhere in the middle of your site.

Every page is a unique frontdoor leading to your content

There are millions of sites out there. Why, as a visitor, would you have patience with pages that do not yield what you expect?

So, the idea is simple: every page of your company website must be considered a homepage. Because if visitors don’t like the first impression of your site, you’ve ruined it and they will never come back.

Also, visitors are not waiting to get the master tour of the virtual premises.  They have their own agendas and are searching for very specific content or information. This means that if they don’t find what they expect on your site, they probably try somewhere else. Your competitor’s site for instance.

“Treating every page like a homepage” is a simple strategic idea that helps you focus on the pages that work and eliminate those that don’t work.  This mindset will help you embark on an continuous improvement journey for your website, and ensure that every single page of your site becomes a professional representation for the keywords and external links that drive people to your site.

As visitors enter through doors you didn’t know you left open, the only option is to make sure they feel welcome and want to stay for a while.

Therefore, at Galland.be we treat EVERY PAGE OF YOUR WEBSITE AS A FRONT DOOR.

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